The smarter way to power your home

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Cut your energy bills

Make the most of secure rates with a cutting-edge battery to store solar energy for later to significantly reduce your bills, year after year.

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Your power, controlled by you

Sunplug puts you in the driving seat. The Home Energy Management System, or HEMS, shows you how you’re using energy, so you can decide how you can get the best out of it.

Smart monitoring

Do your part for the planet

Powering your home with solar electricity not only protects you from rising energy prices, you’re also decreasing your home’s carbon footprint and doing your bit to protect the environment.

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Happy customers

“The system works brilliantly because we can store the energy in the battery when I work but we can use it then and there when I am at home.”

Amanda – North Devon

Take control of your future

Protect yourself from future energy price increases by getting solar today. If you’re a homeowner, there could be a Sunplug solution to suit you.

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