Add a Battery

There is still room for more solar. Be a part of the solar revolution in your home by being among the first to add the latest tech to your existing solar PV. A solar battery allows you to store energy you’d otherwise send back to the grid, meaning a lower carbon footprint and bigger savings, as you’ll use even more solar than before.


Own the latest solar technology

The latest compact solar battery and inverter will be installed to sit between your PV and distribution board. The inverter will intelligently decide if your home needs electricity from solar, or whether it can be stored in the battery for later use.

LG Chem Battery in Garage

Compact and Affordable

The LG Chem battery is solar storage you’ll use, not waste. There are lots of batteries out there but bigger isn’t always better – speak to one of our solar experts to discover why.

LG Chem Battery in Kitchen

Save even more on your energy bills

Use more of the solar energy you’re generating by storing it to be used later, even when it’s dark. More solar used, is more money saved on energy you’d normally buy from the grid.

middle aged couple checking bills breakfast

Quality. Reliable. Durable.

We never compromise on quality. Each piece of the Sunplug system meets or exceeds industry standards, and is sourced only from trusted partners or industry leading manufacturers such as LG.

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