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Sunplug is a solar, battery storage and smart energy solution that enables your home to produce green electricity at a lower cost. Our intelligent Home Energy Management System (HEMS) will store and manage the solar electricity through a mobile/web app to ensure your home is running as efficiently as possible, keeping those electricity bills low.

Sunplug is available to homeowners across the United Kingdom. It could be your first experience with solar panels or an upgrade to your existing system, you can choose the right Sunplug solution that suits you and your home.

Fix my energy
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Fix My Energy



At only 9.9p per unit of solar electricity consumed, this is the cheapest Sunplug option. Pay a one-off installation fee starting from £999 depending on your system size, and make the most of solar electricity.

*This rate is subject to change depending on RPI and capped at 2.5%

Own My Solar



Own solar from the get-go and start generating green electricity for free with your own personal power station. You will have more independence from the grid with around 70% of your total energy use coming from solar.

Solar energy and storage with no monthly payment.

Upgrade My Solar



Be among the first to add the latest tech to your existing solar PV and live even more sustainably. With more energy used and less sent back to the grid, you have the chance to reduce your carbon footprint and make big savings.

Our battery comes with free installation and a 10 year warranty.

Green living that benefits you

Adding Sunplug to your home allows you to generate clean, renewable electricity, reducing your carbon footprint while still protecting you from rising prices. Saving the planet doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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Take control of your future and go solar

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